Saturday, January 30, 2010

another favorite

I also want to paint the bathroom a pale turquoise color-- in the same paleness of the blue I'm going for. While I was at Lowe's today I looked, but didn't have any luck. The closest picture I could find of a pale turquoise wall color is below. On the hunt for another color now... =)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

spotlight on Etsy

Etsy is definitely one of my favorite places to shop! These are a few presents and that I have recieved and are giving as presents that are my favorites! Click on the image to go directly to the seller's etsy shop. =)

I recently bought this antique looking key necklace for my niece for her birthday. It hasn't came in yet but I can't wait until it does! I hope she loves it!

My mom bought me these two items for Christmas, the flower vase and the tea light candle holder-- I love them! Thank you mom!!

My mom also bought me this beautiful necklace for my graduation! I love it because my mom is my shining star. When everything seems so dark around me God always tells her just what I need to hear. Thank you mom!! =)