Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our Christmas decorations!

Merry Christmas everybody!! I really think it is the happiest time of the year. There are bright twinkling lights, sparkles, sequins, confetti, sprinkles, smiles, beautifully wrapped presents, & most of all, Jesus!

Our tree is my favorite tree we've had so far! I love how the Christmas tree is modern, but still colorful & not way out there. I decided to only use Christmas ball ornaments & white lights. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I also decided to go with simple wrapped presents with satin ribbon. Everybody keeps asking me if the presents underneath the Christmas tree are real! haha I guess that's a good thing? :D Yes, they are real!

I really think our tree represents my husband and I. We are both a young couple, fun, {and a little me more than him, likes things colorful & a bit on the nontraditional side!}

{Click to enlarge pictures}

I will try to remember to get better pictures of the back wall for you later. I strung snowflake ornaments with fishing line. I love the way the snowflakes look against our dark gray walls & the map.

This is our buffet table in our living room. I love the way you can see the Christmas tree in ALL of the mirrors! Spectacular!! I bought the two Christmas trees at a thrift store for $4 each! They still had the Hallmark tags on them. I love the galvanized tubs they are in! I also spray painted the big vase turquoise. It use to be brown with swirls. Someone was getting rid of it & I scooped it up! It's one of my favorite pieces. Can you see the little bear in the top of the vase? You would definitely have to click on it to make it bigger! My mom bought me that the first year I got married, I love that ornament!

I love the snowball garland gives it a whimsical fun touch. I bought it at Micheal's.

& another Christmas tree picture.

I hope you all enjoyed! I will try to take more pictures of our decor today! Thanks for visiting our colorful Christmas! =)

Merry Christmas!!!