Saturday, October 9, 2010

contemporary ranch style home

This is one of the cutest houses ever! Would you guess that it was a ranch style home? I love the contemporary, minimalist, neutralness (a new word haha!), with pops of color!


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  1. Hey sweet girl! :) We miss your faces around here...maybe you'll visit soon? ;-)
    I am dying to see your finished kitchen, can't wait! If you want to sleep in it, it must be cute! :) I love turquoise and want to see those shelves! hee hee hee
    My front door on our last house was black at one point and I loved it. I think it was like 40 different colors through the years that we lived there. :) My neighbor used to say, "I always wonder if your door color will be the same when I come home as it was when I left". :) (does that tell you anything? LOL)
    Hope you're having a nice weekend...I have a stinky cold that Carson shared with me. I told him we didn't have to share EVERYTHING! He thought that was funny! lol


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