Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tybee Island and Savannah Resturants!

Earlier this year in March, my hubby & I visited Tybee Island & Savannah Georgia. And yes, we did fall madly in love with the area! I would seriously pack up & move there now if I could! A beach cottage on Tybee and/or a cute little townhouse/condo in Savannah, yes please!

It was definitely a place where you could just . . . breathe & take in all of the beauty. A huge difference then the crazy fast paced life in Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach where we live.

First, I thought I would give you all the run down on the food. Oh the FOOD! They seriously have the best seafood & restaurants I've ever been too!

Up first, is a cute little place called the Crab Shack in Tybee.

Beautiful views!

I wish I had taken better pictures of the inside, it was so cute! I loved all of the lighting. I'm sure it's even more adorable at night time.

I had a shrimp salad sandwich & she-crab soup. She-crab soup!! Oh my goodness, it was amazing. I almost didn't order it because I normally don't like things like that. I'm so thankful I did, it was DELICIOUS!! Notice the hole in the middle of the table near the hot sauce... after you are frinished eating, you just throw your paper plates down the shoot. Too cool! For some reason I didn't get a picture of Calvin's food, you can see it in the background a little bit. I guess he had already dug in!

The next place was the Shrimp Factory in Savannah. They give you these amazingly delicious blueberry muffins with honey butter with pecans to dip it in. Yummmmmm!!

I got a crab cake patty, rice, with two hush puppies. Very very good! I think Calvin ordered the same. =)

A+ for the Shrimp Factory from us! =)

The last place was the Old Pink House in Savannah. So beautiful, quaint, & historic!!

I ordered a shrimp roll with a summer salad.

Calvin ordered a fish sandwich with a summer salad =)

I would definitely recommend all 3 of these snazzy restaurants!!

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