Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life is a garden, dig it!

The husband and I got to work today in the flower garden--- or should I say bush garden? There were no flowers in existence in the "flower" garden! lol We cut down at least six bushes. It doesn't sound like a whole lot but it equaled to be about four truck loads we hauled off. That is a lot of bushes! We took before & after pictures, I can't wait to share soon! We were very blessed. Underneath all of the weeds & pine needles was nice fresh soil! It also had plastic underneath.
Now that I have a fresh blank slate to work with, I'm on the hunt for some pretty flowers. Unlike my usual neutral color palette inside the house, I want the flower garden to be absolutely beautiful & bright
! Hopefully we will be able to get some fresh mulch & bring home some flowers tomorrow. Pictures to come soon! I goolged flower beds & here's what I found . . . Enjoy! =)


impatiens, patio asters, & geraniums



impatiens & geraniums


bachelor button

Images from: Country Living, Edmont Garden Photos, Greenhouse Photos


  1. I love simplistic colors in the house, very classic. But I LOVE color outside. I love all the flowers! I would love to have a flower bed like the ones pictured! We have grass growing around horrible bushes at my house! :( I told Logan I wanted a gift card to buy flowers for Mother's Day!

  2. That's exactly how I am! A gift card to get flowers is a good idea! I went to Lowes & bought six packs of annuals for .89! cheap cheap! =)


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