Monday, August 2, 2010

master bathroom reveal!!!

The master bathroom is FINISHED! It feels soooo amazing to be done! There are a few minor things I want to do-- flowers for the two vases & I'm hunting a woven tray/basket for items on the vanity. All of this hardwork was done by my amazing husband!! All of the designing was done by yours truly =) Enough chit chat, take a look for yourself ;)

pink everything! pink walls, pink toliet, pink bathtub, pink countertop, pink tile, pink walls . . .


lovely crown molding =)

capiz sconces . . . who would have guessed? ;)

pretty shower curtain hooks : )

The next 4 pictures were taken at night time, that's why the lighting is a little off, sorry!

the floor is amazing! It looks so light & airy. I feel like I'm walking on fluffy clouds =)

I found these baskets at two different stores-- they are almost identical! I use the toliet paper basket beside of the toliet & the wash cloth basket underneath the vanity

if one could be in love with a shower curtain, that would be me!

the paint color is wonderful . . . barely there blue {thanks to Layla from The Lettered Cottage) love it! : )

the hardware is my favorite too! defintely had to convince the prince on the hardware, but now he likes them so much he wants them in the kitchen as well ;)

funny story about the small turqoise cup... 2nd one on the left. I found it at Bed Bath & Beyond & thought it would match the shower curtain wonderfully. The cup was on the clearance shelf. It didn't have a sticker or anything. I took it up the register & the lady called to have a price check... a few minutes later, the lady came back & said they thought it was from Wal-Mart, they thought that a customer had stole something from BB&B & switched items & replaced it with the cup lol weird huh! haha anyways, I got it for .99!

The paint color is from The Lettered Cottage's custom paint mix! =)

Sorry for the 1,000 pictures, I knew that if I took the time to decide which ones to put, this wouldn't get posted for another month, I'm too particular! haha Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you liked it! =)


  1. Hey pretty lady! :) I thought of you this morning..I was thinking of Peddlers Mall. :) Have you found anything out there like that?
    I adore your guys did a great job! I would be in love with your shower curtain too if it were mine. :) I do have to say that I actually liked some of the pink stuff too...but you know me and pink. :-D (everything I owned would be pink if it were up to me and people wouldn't think I was crazy!! lol) If I didn't have the money to tear it out and re-do it like you guys did, I would probably have done the bathroom in the pink and chocolate brown. :) I do ADORE what you guys did though, it's so crisp and clean looking...and much more modern looking. :) Gosh, I wonder why you used capiz lighting. :) lol
    Love ya and miss ya lots!

  2. LOVE your shower curtain SO much!!!
    Did you make it?
    What fabrics did you use?

  3. Hello! =)

    No, I didn't make it, I only wish I was that talented at sewing! =) lol I bought it from Bed Bath & Beyond. It's an Amy Butler design. The shower curtain is even more beautiful in person (if that's possible!)

    Here is the link:

    If you sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond e-mails, you will get 20% off e-mails/snail mail all of the time. I used my coupon on the shower curtain =) Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed day!

  4. WOW! It looks SO GREAT!
    Thanks for the invite to come over and check it out- I am totally inspired to finish ours now!


  5. What an amazing transformation!!
    Love the blue and green! really fresh and bright.

  6. Thank you all so much! I love it!


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