Friday, March 11, 2011

fabric ideas for master bedroom

I really wish I had a picture of our bedroom right now so you could get the full picture. Here is the corner of our bedroom without any furniture. At least you can see the paint color which is a light gray. Anyhoo, I'm trying to figure out what type of curtains I want in there.

I'm always drawn to blues & greens. As you can see in our living room, the curtains I made are blue & green thanks to Young House Love for their inspiration!!

The headboard we have is oak with detailing (sorry I'm not much help!) I will try to post a picture soon. Our bedding is all white. My vision is to get a turquoise side table, and really play up the color in the pillows or curtains and decor.

I think it may be cool to do a black & white pinstripe curtain.

This is the picture I got that idea from, the dining room chairs! I love getting inspiration in odd places! lol So picture, the oak headboard {that you have no idea what it looks like lol}, a turquoise night stand, black & white pinstripe curtains, & some colorful books on the night stand with peonies in a pretty vase. What do ya think? The amazing thing about this fabric is that it's only $6.98 a yard! I need 9 yards of fabric, with a coupon, I could easily get 4 panels for under $50! =)

I recently spotted this fabric on a window treatment & fell in love!! Then I spotted the price tag... $13.98 a yard. Not bad when you don't need a lot of fabric... but when you need 9 yards, that's too expensive for me =(

I then spotted this sort-of-fabric-look-a-like by Amy Butler for $8 a yard. Still not so sure about it though.

This fabric would definitely be different for me! I like it. I would just be a little scared that it would look too "teenagerish" haha. Cute though!!

I REALLY like this fabric by Amy Butler! I'm not too sure what the hubs would say about it though lol. I really don't think he would mind that much because it does have other colors besides pink ;) It is back ordered until the end of March, but I certainly don't have a problem with that because I won't be ordering these anytime soon, it's just fun to plan & know what I want when I do have the moolah!

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  1. so i have a few different ideas...

    i love waverly fabrics. go to their website and you can find lots of ideas. you might be able to find something you like.


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