Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Lipstick

A while back Seleta, from Simply Seleta blogged about the Coco Chanel lipstick Rebelle here. Since she & I have similar complexions, I went to Nordstrom & sampled it & loved it! I got it for Christmas. I loooove it! It looks super bright in the tube, but when applied it's a sheer red. I love it because you can control the brightness by how many layers you apply. It's my first Chanel product and I love it! My little Yorkie's name is Chanel so I kinda owed it to her to have at least one Chanel product! lol

Me {wearing Rebelle} & the husband on our cruise {gotta blog about that asap!}

Thank you Seleta for finding the perfect red lipstick!

Images: & me =)


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