Monday, May 28, 2012

Travels & Kendra Scott!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been out for a while. It's been crazy here! I have been out of town every.single.weekend. this month including 10 days in the middle. It's good to be getting back in routine today. My husband & I went with his mother to California on a business trip to help out & babysit the kids while she was away for the week & to give her a break. First off, California is AMAZING!! We are already planning our trip back! We got to see so much stuff, but we definitely want to go back & see more. It will also be a totally different experience with just the two of us, versus babysitting 4 kids! hehe (:

While we were in Beverly Hills, I spotted the Kendra Scott store! It was so awesome to see all the beautiful, colorful, bright jewelry all in one place! Talk about eye candy! I was in heaven! (: Kendra Scott only has three store locations: Beverly Hills, Austin, & Dallas. It was definitely a treat to have the pleasure to shop inside the store, the two girls working there were very friendly & helpful! I'll definitely be back when I'm in Cali again. 


{Kendra Scott}
 Calvin bought me this pair of beautiful earrings as an anniversary present {our 5th anniversary was May 26th!} I absolutely love them & him too! ;) They came in the cutest dust bag too!

I have the earrings on in this picture, click on the picture to enlarge  (:

I promise to be back blogging more, I've missed it! Until then, I'm going to start unpacking & doing laundry! Have an awesome Memorial Day!


  1. Looks like you had such a fun trip! Thanks so much for the love!

    XO, -Kendra

    1. Thanks so much! It was my pleasure! I've been browsing the website today to figure out what I want to purchase with my coupon. It's so hard to pick! (: Thank you so much for stopping by, it made my day! =)


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