Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kate Spade Love

Kate Spade is one of my favorites! I don't think I have ever came across something that I didn't love. Everything is so positive, cheerful, & colorful. What more could you want? =) I've talked about Kate Spade previously, here. I'd love to go to her New York store! Maybe sometime this year, hopefully!

I love this bangle. On the outside of the bangle it has engraved, "partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks, birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pairs" & on inside engraved it says "best friend ever." Too cute! It's $58. It's suppose to be for a bridesmaid gift, but every time I see it, it makes me think of me & my husband. Hopefully it will go sale soon. =) {Click the picture to go to the link}

I was in Nordstrom the other day and came across this adorable ipad case. It is super cute!! 

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