Friday, June 15, 2012

Bath & Body Works

Have you been to Bath & Body Works lately? They are having their semi-annual sale now. Be careful, it can be dangerous! lol They are having the best sales! While I was there, I fell in love with two candles:

Summer Boardwalk:

"Like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream." ~B&BW

"Just like the perfect ice cream sundae – creamy vanilla, rich toffee and sweet almond blossom with a cherry on top." ~B&BW

Can you say delicious?! They names are so cute! Ice Cream Shop & Summer Boardwalk, how cute is that?!  The pictures on the candles are so adorable as well! Not to mention the beautiful description! They are both in my top 10 ever best selling candles. Seriously, and I love candles! Unfortunately, they aren't included in the sale. {I guess because they are brand new scents} Although at the check-out counter, I did find the mini Summer Boardwalk for $2. It's regular $3.50. Yes, I snatched it up! It's so little & adorable. It makes up for the smallness lol. My eyes are definitely watching these two guys to go on sale. My husband & I love to randomly drive down to the beach & walk on the boardwalk and share a waffle cone. Maybe that's why I love them so much! :)

Have you been to the Semi-Annual Sale? Any favorite products?

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