Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chloe Sofa!

Calvin & I have had our sectional since we have been married, a little over 5 years! {Sorry for the horrible iphone picture! This was the picture I used for Craigslist} (: Anyhoo, I was a little sad to see it go because it was our first piece of furniture that we purchased together. {I'm so sentimental!} We also had another sectional & a sofa set given to us, so up on Craigslist they went as well! I was so excited to sofa shop!!

We used our new moolah for a new sofa. So exciting!! We decided on the sofa "Chloe" from Macy's in ivory. Absolutely love it! On that particular day, it was 20% off, what a blessing!!

Isn't she gorgeous? I'm so thankful! I spotted it online first. And it was love at first sight. (: God spoke to me & told me not to get too attached because if it isn't comfortable then I should continue looking. I'm so thankful that I heard God say that. My husband works so hard & the last thing he needs is an uncomfortable & hard couch to lay on after a hard day's work! lol Sometimes I get so caught up in the details & lovliness, I tend to forget about pracitcalness haha. My husband is so practical, which balances me out. I kid & call him prati-cal... because his name is Calvin & his nickname is Cal. lol Okay, moving on!

As I was saying in my last post, whenever I spot something I really love, I google it to see what it looks like in real homes. I found this image & I was smitten!

{Knight Moves}

See what I mean?! Gorgeous! I saved a folder of about twenty images of the Chloe sofa to see how she looks in different living rooms. Yep, loved it even more! The next day we went to Macy's & looked at it in the store. Calvin sat down first. I was too scared it was going to be hard as a rock haha. Calvin's face lit up & he said he loved it! I immediately sat down into its cushiony goodness! We bought it! I can't wait until it gets here! God is just so so good!

Here are some of my favorite living rooms with white tufted sofas:

What do you think? Are tufted couches a yes or no in your book? Do tell! (:

Images: Decor Pad, Adore, Macy's, Knight Moves


  1. Love the sofa as well as your mirror in the background - too cute!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

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